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Kyrie Irving tweets at Stephen A. Smith: ‘Clarify your self’

Kyrie Irving told Stephen A. Smith to explain himself in a tweet that could use further explanation.

Smith has been persistently critical of Irving, especially since the Nets’ point guard opted to miss games by refusing to get vaccinated for COVID-19 this past season.

“You’re gonna have to explain yourself to people in your generation,” Irving tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. “I am not around many 50 plus year olds that speak and act like you do, so this is new for me. But I am sure my father and my uncles can meet you on your level better than I can. We know you STEPHEN.”

Whether or not Irving was referring to a specific bit of content from Smith is unclear. The ESPN star has been off “First Take” this week, but he did upload a video reacting to Irving’s $36.5 million opt-in with the Nets for the upcoming season. It would be a solid guess that this is what prompted Irving’s response.

Kyrie Irving opted in to his $36.5 million option with the Nets.
Kyrie Irving opted in to his $36.5 million option with the Nets.
NBAE via Getty Images

“You opted in after all, took that money, didn’t you!” Smith said.

“What does that mean? To y’all it means Kyrie’s gonna be a Brooklyn Net. You know what it means to me? I guess he’s a peon too, huh. You actually have to go to work. You gotta earn that money. You gotta show up to work.”

Smith continued to harp, as he has done repeatedly, on Irving having to show up to work to earn his money.

“You don’t show up to work, you’re stuck – because even if someone wants you, they’re still gonna require that you show up to work [to get a new contract from another team],” Smith said. “According to Kyrie, anyone in that position pretty much is a peon. Hmm. Funny how karma works, doesn’t it? Guess he’s a peon too, just like the rest of us. See you in Brooklyn!”

Smith responded to Irving’s tweet with a lengthy post, writing the Nets guard got it twisted, big time and that he didn’t owe him or his father an explanation – but his uncle Rod Strickland, who Smith said he profoundly respects, was a different story.

“AS for you, when you have a LEVEL, let me know. Because I’m not aware you have one off the court,” Smith continued. “Either way, I have a wish: ONE DAY you’ll stop hiding behind the public support you receive and fess up to the shenanigans you engage in … leaving folks hanging like laundry.

“Be honest about what you’ve truly been doing. Until then, let’s confront one another 1-on-1 for the WORLD to see – your TRUTH up against mine in a public forum for everyone to judge. Name the time and place and I’M show up! I keep receipts, bro!”

It doesn’t seem like this is a feud that will be buried any time in the near future.



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