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Victor new VBS strings | BadmintonCentral

Strung two of my BS12s with VBS68P and VBS69N and although I haven’t played with them yet, there were a few interesting things I noticed about them.

The 68P seems to be modelled on the BG80P in it’s construction and the 69N on NBG99. What was interesting was that the 69N measured thicker than my go-to string (VS890) before tensioning, but thinner after. I guess his is not that surprising as the 69N stretches a lot, which was noticeable when I pre-stretched the strings, its a really elastic string.

Having strung them at 35lb 5 days ago and without seeing a single shuttle, they have dropped tension noticeably quicker than VS890 just sitting there. Probably on par with their Yonex counterparts.

I don’t mind an initial tension drop as long as it stabilises after and remains relatively consistent throughout. Will see soon enough how they play but I have a feeling I will prefer the 68P over the 69N.




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