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WATCH: Beau Miles is about to win your coronary heart (and get you the door)

We’re revisiting a favourite here, made by the brilliant all-round (aptly-named) human Beau Miles. An Australian outdoorsman, runner, author and filmmaker, Miles tackles what he calls a “different kind of marathon” in this short film, running one lap an hour, for 24 hrs, around his perfectly mile-long block. “The rest of the time I do as much as possible; making things, odd jobs, fixing stuff. It’s about running, doing, and thinking,” Miles explains in his Aussie accent.

“The marathon provides a structure,” Miles says. Armed with a list of things he wants to tackle over the 24-hour period, Miles sets out with endless enthusiasm, prepared to accomplish all those tasks that he’s been putting aside forever. Hour one and we see Miles set off running with a shovel, pausing to plant a tree, and running on. It’s impossible not to get caught up in his zest for life.

Beau Miles 24-hour marathon
Photo: Beau Miles

He explains the ‘why’ of his project on social media: “I’d put on a few pounds, and my hands were pink, so I supercharged my comeback with running and doing. I bloody loved it, cornering myself in all the right ways, lapping the block at the top of every hour to reset, think, shake away tiredness or angst, reinventing my idea of a busy day.”

A mile an hour seems like a conquerable distance to most of us, whether we are running or walking. A full 24 hours of it might be a bit much, but after the recent World Backyard Ultra Championships (lasting 101 hours), heck, this sounds easy.

Beau miles 24-hour marathon1
Miles checking off one of the many tasks on his list. Photo: Beau Miles

Miles draws you in with the interesting tasks he checks off his list (how can you not want to join him for that meal?), and his short hourly jaunt. He shares the highs, and a few lows. Miles is a natural storyteller, and his upbeat attitude is guaranteed to leave you both charmed and motivated. “I may have just had the ultimate day,” Miles says as he heads into his final hours. “Of running and fixing and doing and..being.”



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